Cocoa Maple Banana Bircher

This recipe is super yummy! It is my go to as I can have it if I have been prepared or not so much. All you need to have done is made our untoasted muesli which is in our recipe section. I find it helps fill me up with some great nutrition! I take it […]

Untoasted homemade muesli

Lactose & dairy free. Vegetarian and vegan. Ingredients Serves 29 1kg rolled oats 3 cups cranberries or dried banana 3 cups almonds, dry roasted are nice for that extra crunch 3 cups shredded coconut 1/4 cup cinnamon Optional: if you don’t require low FODMAP ingredients, you can increase the dried fruit quantity and variety such […]

BBQ Chicken Soup

BBQ Chicken Soup Lactose & dairy free. Can be made vegetarian/vegan & can be made gluten free. Ingredients Serves 6 1 Tbsp garlic infused or flavoured olive oil, and a little extra to drizzle over at the end 480g cooked BBQ chicken, diced (e.g. ~1/2 cooked chicken) 1 stick celery, finely diced 2 carrots, finely diced […]

An endurance athlete’s experience: Altitude

“On Saturday I competed in the Australian Alpine Ascent in the Snowy Mountains. The race started at Lake Jindabyne for a 3km lake swim, 124km bike and 28km run to the top of Australia’s highest Peak; Mt Kosciusko. To help me prepare for racing at altitude- I slept in a Hypoxic Altitude Training System that […]

Energy Drinks – do we really need all the extra stuff?

ENERGY DRINKS – DO WE REALLY NEED ALL THE EXTRA STUFF? Cutting to the chase: Most of the evidence currently available would suggest the most beneficial component in these energy drinks relating to cognitive and physical performance is the caffeine component. More information As we know energy drinks contain caffeine and in varying amounts depending […]

Launch of Triathlon Nutrition Arsenal

Welcome to Triathlon Nutrition Arsenal! This is a program that has been created specifically for triathletes by a qualified sports dietitian/nutritionist and competitive endurance athlete herself, Steph Gaskell. It has been developed because Steph wants to provide you, the triathlete with quality and qualified nutrition advice and support. There are no other programs of this […]

Kevin Fergusson – Awarded Legend of the Sport Triathlon Australia 2015

Nutrition Strategies has been working with Kev Fergusson for some time. Those of you who are involved in the triathlon community may know Kev. He has a fantastic triathlon record, competing overseas against the best and doing Australia proud. So we thought our readers would like to get to know Kev a bit more…   […]

Get to know Blake & how nutrition has helped his running

Hi Blake, thank you for allowing us to talk to you today. Can you tell us about your sporting background, it seems you came out of nowhere into the trail running scene? Well I did basically every sport you can think of throughout my childhood, but was most recently a cyclist for 4yrs before moving […]

Supplements – are they what they say they are?

Are you on the supplement train… Consuming a performance nutrition diet will give you the most BANG for your buck in terms of health and performance in sport. Whether an athlete or non-athlete I think most of us want that winning edge over others. At least I know that I prefer to be the fittest, […]

Catalyst Episode Gluten: A gut feeling

Last night, Catalyst (Channel ABC1) presented Gluten: A gut feeling. This was an interesting episode, which in a nutshell, described the importance of a gluten free diet for coeliac disease, however avoiding gluten to improve your health, weight loss and other gastrointestinal upsets is not so black and white. Gluten is a protein found naturally […]