Weight Management

Initial Consult Without Meal Plan (45mins)_weightloss_202x202

Concession Fee available

  • This includes an assessment of your nutrition and physical activity or training.
  • Nutrition counselling and education resources are provided based on your nutrition goals.

Initial Consult With Meal Plan

Concession Fee available

  • What separates this from Option One is a  specific meal/nutrition plan based on assessment is developed and provided by mail or email*.
  • *Meal Plans incur an additional fee dependent on detail/time needed.

* The meal/nutrition plan will be provided approximately 3-5 working days after initial assessment by mail or email.

Review Consult (20mins)_otherServices_202x202

Concession Fee available

  • Includes a review of your nutrition plan and progress making adaptations where necessary.It may include weight monitoring and/or skinfold assessment

Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan

Consults are 20mins.

  • If you’re eligible you can have up to 5 visits with a Dietitian per calendar year bulk billed, no gap to pay. Ask your GP if you’re eligible for a Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan, previously known as the Enhance Primary Care Plan (EPC).
  • If you would like an extended consult, there will be a gap payment. A further 20mins will incur a fee of $52.95.