Chronic Pain Management

If you would like dietary guidance in the area of chronic pain management ask for an appointment with Accredited Practising Dietitian, Amelia Pilichiewicz.

Initial Consult  (45mins)

Concession Fee available

  • This includes an assessment of your chronic pain management nutrition concerns.
  • Nutrition counselling and education resources are provided based on your nutrition goals.

Review Consult (20mins)

Concession Fee available 

  • Includes a review of your progress relating to your nutrition concerns and making adaptations where necessary.
  • Other education resources will be provided as necessary.

Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan

Consults are 20mins.

  • If you’re eligible you can have up to 5 visits with a Dietitian per calendar year bulk builled, no gap to pay. Ask your GP if you’re eligible for a Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan, previously known as the Enhance Primary Care Plan (EPC).
  • If you would like an extended consult, there will be a gap payment. A further 20mins will incur a fee of $52.95.You may have reached a point at which your pain is just becoming all too much. We would like to help you.

Based on our extensive personal experience and research we believe there is no doubt that the food we eat can play a really important role in pain management.

At the same time we understand how complex and unwelcome change can seem. It doesn’t need to be difficult. We can support you through the process. Our goal is to make it an enjoyable and rewarding journey for you.

We can factor in your eating patterns, food preferences and lifestyle and work around them all. After all, we want to help you make your life easier and more comfortable.

The changes we can help you make can address a wide range of problems such as chronic pelivic pain (including interstitial cystitis).