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Launch of Triathlon Nutrition Arsenal

photo-sam-1Welcome to Triathlon Nutrition Arsenal!

This is a program that has been created specifically for triathletes by a qualified sports dietitian/nutritionist and competitive endurance athlete herself, Steph Gaskell.

It has been developed because Steph wants to provide you, the triathlete with quality and qualified nutrition advice and support. There are no other programs of this kind. Lets face it there’s a lot of bullshit out there and this program has been designed to sift through all that and just give you the real stuff. No BS!

If you are like the many triathletes I know and work with you spend some big bucks on your gear, training and racing. Yet I see many failing in their nutrition. I see nutrition making or breaking it for triathletes.

Triathletes that have spent hours and hours on end training, compromising on family and social life, get to their race and don’t finish because they haven’t fuelled properly, they have bonked, they have gotten gut symptoms, they have ended up on IV fluids, cramping has gotten them or they just haven’t performed to their ability. I see triathletes wanting to train hard and consistently but they keep getting unwell, tired and not able to push themselves all because they don’t appreciate the importance of their nutrition.

So if you want to start seeing the difference that nutrition can make to your training, race and overall health, chat to me: (08) 8234 9707


Stephanie Gaskell is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, an Accredited Sports Dietitian, and a competitive Ultra Trail Marathon Runner. She is available for Phone and Skype Consultations, and has published the FODMAP™ & Gluten Status Sports Supplement Guide.

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