Nutrition Education for Schools

“Do you need some help with nutrition education in your school?”

Whether it be for the students or staff, why not seek the support of a qualified Accredited Dietitian from Nutrition Strategies.

One of Nutrition Strategies’ dietitians can come to your school and help educate students or staff about nutrition. We can translate the science of nutrition into easy to understand every day information incorporating practical elements and hands-on learning to improve retention of this vital information. Understanding and skills in healthy eating and nutrition can help influence healthy behaviour changes and ultimately lead to a happier and healthier life.


  • Workshops or seminars at your school to students and/or staff – can be delivered on predefined topics/issues or can be tailor made to meet your specific request – see below for some examples of what could be covered
  • Professional development education for staff
  • Wellbeing sessions for staff – improve workplace health and productivity
  • Resource and publication development – recipes, factsheets, booklet resources, menus
  • Consultation on curriculum/lesson planning – including the Australian Curriculum
  • Community sessions – including parents and the wider community on things such as kids healthy lunchboxes, healthy family meals, shopping tips, food label reading
  • Newsletters and articles – articles for newsletters, e-newsletter, websites

What information could we cover?

  • Nutrition for adolescents/kids
  • Nutrition for sport – specific sports groups or PE courses
  • Nutrition Issues – such as food intolerances
  • Healthy and practical snack and lunchbox ideas – including students and staff
  • Hydration and good drink choices
  • What is healthy eating? How can you incorporate this into your daily living?
  • Food label reading
  • Nutrition myths
  • Mindful eating
  • Deliver nutrition components of health promotion campaigns
  • Teach skills to staff for their own wellbeing – healthy cooking

To enquire about how we can help your school call us on

(08) 8234 9707

Testimonials from Trinity

Professional Development session with Trinity College health and PE staff.

“Stephanie from Nutrition Strategies has been working with Trinity College over several years. She has assisted us in a range of areas across the whole college, from running practical cooking classes with our Specialist Netball Academy, presentations on sports nutrition and healthy eating to Senior Health and PE classes, consultation on curriculum development (Australian Curriculum from 7-10, SACE Stage 1 & 2) and staff training and PD.

Stephanie has delivered informative and hands-on sessions that have allowed our athletes, students and staff to develop improved understanding and healthy habits regarding food.

Health classes
Stephanie has delivered a number of sessions on healthy eating, food label reading, portion sizing, food myths and more to our Stage 1 & 2 students since 2011/2012. These sessions involved some basic information adapted for the 16-18 age group which were all then put into a practical context with a number of hands on activities and discussions to encourage student engagement and maximise learning. Students were all provided with some basic factsheets and copies of PowerPoint presentations delivered. Stephanie also provided me with further activities and extension ideas for students to continue with in lessons following her sessions. Students were able to ask a variety of questions following the presentations and their course work on nutrition definitely benefitted from her visits.

Health Curriculum (Australian Curriculum 7-10)
With the new curriculum providing an opportunity to refresh and expand our Middle School Health program, it was a blessing to have a professional input to the nutrition element. Stephanie was able to work with me in deciding the key skills and knowledge to be delivered at each year level. She was then able to assist me in producing a unit of lessons, including theory content, activities and resources which we have now implemented at Trinity in 2015.

Health Staff Training and PD
Stephanie recently presented at our professional development day to middle and senior school health staff. She was able to work with me to plan a hands on informative training relevant to our curriculum across a range of year levels and to a staff of varying skill and knowledge around nutrition. This training included mindful eating, portion sizing and food label reading. She also talked staff through some easy to use resources, including websites and other technology (apps, software programs, games and quizzes). It was an engaging, fun and relevant PD in both a work and personal context.”

Carmen Gaskell, Health Co-ordinator, Trinity College

“Nutrition is an important component of the Stage 2 Physical Education course. Steph Gaskell has presented to our Year 12 classes on numerous occasions. Steph’s knowledge of nutritional issues and how they relate to performance is outstanding, but it is her own experiences as an elite endurance athlete that enhance the quality and credibility of her presentations. Students walk away with a real understanding of the impact that nutritional strategies have on performance. Steph’s bright and cheerful personality together with strong communication skills compliment the overall package.”

David Schell, Head of PE, Trinity College

“I highly recommend Stephanie Gaskell as a presenter to High School students. Stephanie has presented to my classes for the last three years. The students and I have been lucky to hear relevant and up to date information on nutrition and how to apply good nutrition practices to improve athletic performance. Stephanie can gain the respect of the students through her own ultra-endurance running achievements and at the same time present information the students can understand and use.”

Sean Carlin, Olympic Athlete/Senior Physical Education Teacher, Trinity College