Online Run Nutrition Coaching


Do you struggle to make it to appointments. Find that you are always on the run (pun intended). Well life has just gotten easier for you, online nutrition coaching can be accessed anywhere in the world.

You can now access online nutrition coaching sessions with Advanced Sports Dietitian and runner, Steph Gaskell via skype, messenger, email or telephone .

Steph wanted to make it easier for runners to access good quality nutrition coaching as she knows there are many conflicting messages out there and that everyone wants to be the expert. Unfortunately Steph has seen the result of poor advice with runners health and performance being compromised.

If you want to work with Steph on your running nutrition including the below, just email Steph at and she will contact you to organise the rest.

Training Nutrition

Working on your daily / weekly nutritional intake for your training load and needs, recovery nutrition, overall health, gastrointestinal health and nutrition. E-recipe cookbook included along with more recipes for mains and snacks depending on your individualised needs.

Race Day Performance Nutrition

Working on your pre-race nutrition, during race nutrition, recovery nutrition, preventing and managing exercise associated gastrointestinal symptoms.

Review Sessions

May cover the following – checking in on your progress and any questions that have come up, updates that may be required to your training nutrition and race day nutrition, nutrition for injury management/rehabilitation, supplementation.


Do I need to be a certain level of running ability?

Steph consults to runners of all abilities, from recreational to elite level; she enjoys the fact that everyone is different and therefore her approach is to dial into each individuals own nutritional needs and goals.

Steph’s background

To learn more about Steph’s background click here.