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Online Triathlon Nutrition Program

We are very excited to launch our very first online triathlon nutrition program, details on how this can take your triathlon performance to the next level here:


If you are interested in this program and want to chat more about it please call me on 

0417 122 070

If you don’t have questions and wish to register for the program now please do so below:

6 Month Program Monthly Payment 

6 Month Program One Payment


A Program that gets you the Results you Want!

“There you are.

Two years of arduous training on the line.

You glided through the swim event, whizzed through the bike lanes,
then there it is…staring you in the eyes.

The dreaded BONK.

You have heard about it
but were sure it would never happen to you.

You spent thousands on proper equipment,
hundreds of hours of preparation,
but the sadness of sure defeat begins to overwhelm you.
This wasn’t suppose to happen.

And you know what?
It didn’t need to be this way.

That dreaded BONK
the physiological breakdown of your metabolism…
does not need to happen!”

I have helped hundreds of triathletes get the results they want. I have helped them beat the bonk and hitting the wall, we have prevented and managed cramping, gastrointestinal issues like vomiting, refluxing, belching and steered clear of the loos. We have optimised on their race pace!

It’s not only their race day nutrition but their training nutrition and overall health that we’ve worked on and enhanced. Keeping them in the game by reducing their risk of getting ill with their high training volumes. Getting them to their race weight without compromising on performance.

I can help you with all of these issues and more!

You can book in for a 1:1 with me and we can start getting you towards that PB! You might also be interested in our online triathlon nutrition program that continues to support you outside of our session. Just ask us about it.

 – To your Nutrition Success

Steph Gaskell

Stephanie Gaskell is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, an Accredited Sports Dietitian, and a competitive Ultra Trail Marathon Runner. She is available for Phone and Skype Consultations, and has published the FODMAP™ & Gluten Status Sports Supplement Guide.

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