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Pre-Event Meal

I posted on SA trail runners facebook recently asking about
the pre-event meal. I asked for some example meals runners enjoy and the importance
of the pre-event meal to them. I also asked about the time period between the
pre-event meal and racing. I am quite impressed with the speedy responses I
received and in what made up the pre-event meal for those who responded.
Remember also that my suggestions and guidelines are just that, guidelines. If
you have practiced with your pre-event meal and you find it works for you
excellent! Perhaps you may learn something new that you wish to trial.

Read the part in the article about the pre-event meal
providing a psychological boost for your race. There were a couple of comments
about the pre-event meal and travelling E.g. the difficulty of getting your
normal food supplies when your race is away from home. This is not addressed in
the article so I will address it now.

I encourage you to always have a back-up plan! I always take
some food supplies with me to where I am racing if away, most often all of my
race nutrition if possible. For example I take food supplies for the lead-up,
pre-event, during and sometimes post nutrition. You should know the area you
are racing E.g. where there is a supermarket that you can get your supplies,
your accommodation – do they have a kitchen where you can prepare your food
etc. You have done all the hard training to get to race day, do you really want
to leave such an easy thing like getting your nutrition right to chance. Please
don’t forget how important your nutrition is! The pre-event meal is helping
fine-tune your race day preparation. Take control of what you can, there is enough
unknown going into the race.

Click below for information on the Pre-Event Meal.

Pre event meal for SA trail running

Stephanie Gaskell is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, an Accredited Sports Dietitian, and a competitive Ultra Trail Marathon Runner. She is available for Phone and Skype Consultations, and has published the FODMAP™ & Gluten Status Sports Supplement Guide.

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