Testimonial from Ben Hockings

Ultra trail runner, owner of Yumigo, and race director of Heyson 105 and Hubert.

Ben Hockings

As an endurance runner, I have known Stephanie for many many years. Stephanie, with her business Nutrition Strategies, has been the biggest influence on how my views on my diet have changed, particularly in the value of what I consume as a runner.

Stephanie has assisted me in understanding many important elements of how food and liquid is made up and how the body uses food and liquid as fuel. She has also made it easy for me to grasp the notions of portions and ratios when it comes to deciding how much of what I should be consuming and has even developed portion plates to help individuals struggling in this area.

Prior to meeting Stephanie I found literature on nutrition complicated and seemingly contradictory. However under Stephanie’s guidance I have been able to put some of her advice to the test, and I have been extremely pleased with its manifestation in my running.

Stephanie herself is a great teacher, very knowledgeable, and thorough with her diagnoses and advice. She has excellent communication skills and I found she had genuine empathy when listening to my problems. I would not go anywhere else but to Stephanie and Nutrition Strategies for help with nutrition in my running.

Ben Hockings, Yumigo – Race Director of many of SA’s iconic trail running events and Runner