Testimonial from Blake Tooth

Ultra trail runner, South Australian Road Runners Club, Club Vice President

North Face 100 (NSW) 2012 13:18:33, 58 of 436 Male Open finishers


Action photo to come of Blake. This is the only one I had for now, he is the crazier one on the far right.

Steph started giving me some informal advice during our long runs in preparation for the The North Face 100 (2012). Steph’s advice was invaluable in getting me through the event comfortably and eager to set new goals to not just improve, but run further and faster. I am now a convert to Nutrition Strategies. I continue to run ultramarathons and I am constantly surprised by how ambitious I can be with good nutritional advice.

I have found among runners of all abilities that anecdotal advice is often ‘hit and miss’. Steph is particulary good at taking the most relevant scientific research and translating it for an athlete to get results; Steph takes the fundamental principles of the science and draws up practical guidelines that are straight-forward and tailored to account for individual quirks. With a background in chemistry I appreciate being able to explore the background of the advice, but without an experienced and skilled adviser the best information would be of little use – thanks Steph!