Testimonial from Joy Gailer


Joy Gailer

I first met Steph in mid 2012. She came highly recommended from a good friend and fellow athlete. I was in the midst of preparing for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships to be held in Las Vegas, and was feeling a little anxious about my nutrition plan. I had been competing in long course triathlons since late 2010 and had managed to come in the top 3 in my age group in five events without ‘hitting the wall’. But this was more luck than good planning; I was relying on non-professional advice and whilst I had found a gel I could tolerate I was uncertain if it was allowing me to perform optimally.

I was instantly impressed with Steph’s professionalism and knowledge. She had thoroughly researched the Las Vegas race and mapped out a detailed nutrition and hydration plan of precisely what I needed to be doing when (pre and during race), factoring in the challenges of racing in 40 plus degree heat. Steph’s advice gave me the confidence I needed to be able to focus on preparing and competing without being concerned about my nutrition. I just had to execute, and on the day it all worked, thank you Steph!

Steph is engaging, meticulous and above all passionate about assisting athletes to maximise their performance. She personally knows what it takes to push your body to new limits and this makes her advice all the more valuable. Steph is now assisting me with training nutrition and I have no doubt that this will be key in achieving my goal of completing my first Ironman in May 2013.

Joy Gailer