Testimonial from Piet Crosy

Triathlete and Marathon Runner SA

Piet Crosy

I saw Stephanie as part of my preparation for doing my first Iron Man at the age of 61, because I thought I had better get most things right. I am glad I did. I saw her twice at her office, and we then exchanged emails, as below. The appointments involved a comprehensive discussion of my overall diet, a comprehensive discussion of how to assess how much fluid and energy during training, and development of a detailed nutrition and fluid intake plan for the day of the race.

With a background of over thirty marathons, and a couple of years of triathlons, I thought I would learn a little, but in fact I learned a lot. I found Stephanie interested in my training times, fluid and weight loss, and intake, and that she always responded quickly with a slightly tweaked plan for next time. This continued right through until we had the final plan, which I followed almost to the letter (Excitement did reign a little!)

At my age, place or time weren’t key goals. Finishing warm and vertical was, and I think Stephanie’s advice and support was a key in me achieving my goal. I’m now starting to train for Melbourne in March, and I will be talking to Stephanie some more.

Piet Crosy