Testimonial from Sam Boag

Triathlete and Marathon Runner SA

4th fastest Ironwoman 40-44 Kona and 6th fastest Australian Female

10:23 Kona 2012

photo Sam

Testimonial from 2013

Being a mum of 3 active children, working and trying to train for Ironman is a challenge and often the last thing I have time to think about is my nutrition. Kid’s first mum last so getting some help was vital for me.When I decided to step up from marathon running to ironman triathlon Steph helped me get through the gruelling 4am starts and up to 25-30hrs week of training whilst trying to keep the family routine happening. My training nutrition was spot on and on race day I didn’t hit the wall , in fact the 40 year mum was passing a lot of super fit athletes who had “hit the wall “. Ironman is not only about the fittest, fastest athlete a huge component is getting you nutrition right on the day. The practising and training to get it spot on was key to the success of the plan. Steph was flexible and understanding of my somewhat bizarre tastes and cravings but we got there in the end. Thanks Steph I couldn’t have achieved what I did in my 2 races without a personalised race nutrition plan.

Testimonial from 2011

I started marathon running when I was 37 years old and after my first marathon I was hooked and my goal was to break 3 hrs. I went from 3:40 to 3:16 to 3:04. I had changed my training but never focused on my nutrition – I always hit “the wall” at the 37km mark in a marathon.

I finally went to see a dietitian (Steph) who assessed my diet. The advice and plans Steph gave me were amazing. My energy levels improved my perfomance improved and I felt stronger than ever. The advice Steph gave me for my nutrition whilst training was so comprehensive and easy to follow and undertand. I had been to sports dietitians before but it all seemed too complicated – Steph made it easy.

Her assistance with my fuel consumption on race day was amazing, she told me km by km what I required. I trained with it and implemented the nutrition plan on race day. I didn’t hit the wall, I felt fabulous and I broke 3 hours.

Thank you Steph, I have no doubt that focussing on my nutrition helped me achieve my goal.

Sam Boag