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Triathlon Webinars

Webinars/Recordings for Triathletes & Coaches

  • Greg Shaw Senior AIS Sports Dietitian & Researcher – Nutrition for Injury Management and Application to Triathletes DATE: Weds 16 August @ 7:30pm, Australian Central Standard Time. Nutrition and connective tissue growth and repair – how can you take your nutrition to the next level to help manage your injury and optimise on your rehab.


  • Associate Professor Gary Slater  PhD Qld., MSc Qld., GDNutDiet Qld., BSc Qld Body Composition Monitoring and Manipulation – Application to Triathlete DATE: Weds 23 August @ 7:30pm, Australian Central Standard Time. As a triathlete your body composition can influence your results but what is the best way to monitor it. What should you be paying attention to, what are the best monitoring tools and how often should you assess your results, what do the results mean. Tips for body composition manipulation.


  • Dr Greg Cox Senior Sports Dietitian AIS TBC OR will be Steph Gaskell Competition Needs (Sprint/Olympic/70.3/Ironman) Periodised Nutrient Intake (training low/high) DATE: TBC in 2017


$37 for each webinar/recording OR the Bundle Package 3 webinars/recordings for $97


Bundle Package (3 x webinars/recordings)

Single Webinar/Recording Greg Shaw Injury Management – Weds 16 August @ 7:30pm

Australian Central Time

Single Webinar/Recording Gary Slater Body Composition Monitoring and Manipulation – Weds 23 August @ 7:30pm Australian Central Time


Stephanie Gaskell is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, an Accredited Sports Dietitian, and a competitive Ultra Trail Marathon Runner. She is available for Phone and Skype Consultations, and has published the FODMAP™ & Gluten Status Sports Supplement Guide.

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