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Low FODMAP Recipe Book

Recipes suitable for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), for those simply wanting to include healthy and tasty recipes. Recipes include gluten free, lactose and dairy free. Vegetarian and vegan options. Developed by two dietitians with IBS and an innovative chef.

71 pages including 32 recipes, breakfasts, mains and snacks & desserts.

Includes a brief introduction to IBS, low FODMAP diet and Endometriosis. Includes some quick and simple options that are not only tasty but healthy.

Print Book for only $14.95

E-book for only $4.95 


Exercise and the Gut Recipe Book

-Low FODMAP Recipes

Please contact Monash University

PORTION PLATES Portion-set--327x209

Do you struggle with managing your meal sizes? Accredited Sports Dietitian Stephanie Gaskell has solved your problem. The portion plates help act as a memory aid, if you use it enough it will remind you to learn to balance your meals and portions.


Portion plate, bowl & education poster for only $25.00 

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Mercer SuperCycle E-Book $4.95


This handbook has been developed for riders of Mercer Supercycle. It teaches you about some key nutrition practices that you will want to make sure you have dialled into. This book will help get you through the ride. Nutrition is key in these endurance challenges!


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